Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Creative Exchange - Round 2

[ The creative exchange I received in round 1 from the lovely @_deborahbrandon_ ] 

The Creative Exchange began in January 2014 as a little idea that I initially flagged as ‘crazy’. I wanted a way to take the instagram ‘family’ of creative that I had met and connect through more than just inspiring images. I wanted to be able to share tactile creative inspiration and thought what a better way to do so than through the gift of giving!

The Creative Exchange is a way of celebrating our little online creative community… in the real world! It is a chance to connect with your fellow Instragrammers through little parcels of creative endeavour and to get to know the people behind the profiles a little better too! 

[ Creative Exchange kits from round 1: curated by @simi_downing (photo by @thecinnamonfox), @paperedthoughts, @onesweetchickcookiesandcakes (photo by @petrinaturnerdesign), @tracey0502 (photo by @lepetitpaperie) ] 

The first round of The Creative Exchange has blown me away with creativity and generosity   and has sparked the interest for a second round. So if you loved it the first time or missed out on joining in, here is your chance to get involved. I'm thrilled to have teamed up with the creatives behind Alex Mae & Dailylike Australia who will be sponsoring this round of the exchange. 

You’ll be partnered up with a fellow creative to ‘insta-stalk’ and based on what you learn about their creative passions you’ll put together a ‘creative exchange’ gift for them. It will contain up to 8 items to inspire them to get creative! (We suggest no less than 4)
It might be supplies to complete a project or inspire a project (or projects!)… think fabrics and threads for a sewer, cookie cutters for a baker or a collection of ‘treasures’ to inspire a vignette. Maybe even something completely new for them to try. Think creative!  And while you are pulling all of this together for someone, another creative out there is doing the same for you!

Once you’ve received your exchange – get creative! Share an image of what you received and what you’ve created with the entire creative exchange family with the hashtag #thecreativeexchange

1.     Sign up to The Creative Exchange by the 8th April 2014 via the link here:  Sign ups have now closed for round 2
2.     On the 11th April you’ll be sent an email with your assigned ‘creative exchange-ee’, their instagram name and postal address
3.     Begin insta-stalking and get to know what they’re creative about. Follow their IG feed, blog, pinterest boards – wherever they post about their creative outlet (Make sure you pop the links to your blog ext in your IG profile so it makes it easy for your partner to get to know you!)
4.     Put together your ‘creative exchange’ – up to 7 supplies to inspire a project (or projects!) (we suggest no less than 4)
5.     Give the gift of gorgeous gift wrap and post a picture of your wrapped creative exchange with the hashtag #thecreativeexchange and tag @dunnewithstyle
6.     Pop it in the post by 2nd May and then begin to hover around your post box as someone has been insta-stalking you and a creative exchange is coming your way too!
7.     Once you receive your gift we want to see it. Use the hashtag #thecreativeexchange so we can choose our favourite creative exchange kit
8.     Then get creative! Your supplies might be enough to complete a single project, or inspire and start a few projects, so get started and keep sharing your finished projects with the hashtag #thecreativeexchange
9. The Creative Exchange round 2 (April edition) is sponsored by Dailylike, Alex Mae and Dunne with Style ~ we will be judging and gifting prizes for our favourite gift wrap, favourite exchange kit and favourite creative project on 15th June so make sure all of your images are shared by then  AND make sure you have shared what you receive so that the lovely person that curated your kit is in the running too.

1.     This round of The Creative Exchange is open to residents in Australia, NZ, USA and UK – you will be assigned a creative exchange-ee who is within your country (so international participants – it does rely on there being at least 2 participants from your country to go ahead!) This ensures that the postage rates and time frames remain reasonable
2.     Your instagram account must be public. If your account is private your partner cant secretly stalk you and we want to be able to see your creative exchanges!
3.     Creative Exchange parcels must be sent by 2nd May 2014
4.     Judging for Favourite Creative Exchange kit, Favourite Finished Product & Best Gift Wrapping will take place on 15th June 2014 so please ensure you have posted all images by then with the hastag #thecreativeexchange
5.     In order to be considered, images must have the hashtag #thecreativeexchange, otherwise we can’t find you!

6.     Now for the really boring bit….Please keep this fair for everyone involved and only sign up if you are committed.  We don’t want anyone without parcels!


  1. I'd love to sign up Sam!!
    Have so enjoyed following your IG feed- and was
    so hoping you'd do another exchange.
    My feed is 'Miss Sew & So' (just in case!)
    Thanks!! Melissa x :-)

  2. Ooops, I signed up and noticed I cannot participate as I live in Prague, Czech Republic. :( Would still love to take part if there is anybody who would like to get paired up with me. :) @janeonthemove

  3. Oh no, I just signed up and noticed I cannot participate as I live in South Africa, just like Jane from @janeonthemove :( I would also really still love to take part if there is anybody who would like to get paired up with me too. :) @flutterbymegs